Sing-O-Meter (Pro)

Want to learn singing or get better at it? Sing-O-Meter is the app for singers to practice singing in perfect pitch.

Sing in tune

The app shows you if you sing off-key (red) or perfect (green).

Am I singing ok? ... Pitch

Never wonder if you sing the right notes! Sing-O-Meter shows you what you do good and what needs improvement.

Learn faster

Get immediate feedback and improve your learning. No need to wait a week for your next vocal lesson. Sing-O-Meter is the perfect tool between the lessons when you need to know how good you are doing.

App for singers ...

Quote: "When I'm at home I use Sing-O-Meter to know if I'm singing correctly"

Quote: "Sing-O-Meter made it so much easier to practice everyday ... and it's fun to see how good I was yesterday"

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