Sing-O-Meter (Pro)

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Want to learn singing or get better at it? Sing-O-Meter is the app for singers to practice singing in perfect pitch.

Sing in tune

The app shows you if you sing off-key (red) or perfect (green).

Am I singing ok? ... Pitch

Never wonder if you sing the right notes! Sing-O-Meter shows you what you do good and what needs improvement.

Learn faster

Get immediate feedback and improve your learning. No need to wait a week for your next vocal lesson. Sing-O-Meter is the perfect tool between the lessons when you need to know how good you are doing.

App for singers ...

Quote: "When I'm at home I use Sing-O-Meter to know if I'm singing correctly"

Quote: "Sing-O-Meter made it so much easier to practice everyday ... and it's fun to see how good I was yesterday"

... and for all musicians

"When you play a musical instrument you actually sing with your instrument"

That's why I think all musicians benefit from practicing with Sing-O-Meter. You practice your perception of pitch and you will be more confident in your singin abilities. This leads to you probably singing way more than before.

Enjoy singing good with the help of this app.

Additionally it has been reported that Sing-O-Meter is also used by violin teachers and trumpet players, so I assume all players of string instruments like violin, viola, violon chello and double bass benefit from the usage as well as wind and brass instrument players like trumpet, clarinet, saxophones etc.

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Android coming soon