Getting Started

with Sing-O-Meter

Before Starting

  1. Make sure you are in a silent environment. Using Sing-O-Meter next to a music player, chatty people or in a noisy environment like a windy outdoor location might not work and yield wrong results.
  2. Turn up the volume of your device and make sure the silent switch is turned to Ring Mode (iPhone | iPad: needs to be turned on in the control center). When you start the app for the first time you should hear a melody
  3. Relax, everyone can sing and has to start somewhere.
    Don't stop if you can't hit the note the very first time. Probably when you come back tomorrow you can do it. Try! Try again! Get Better! Everyone has to practice ...

First Start

When you open Sing-O-Meter for the first time you will see the welcome screen. Press "I hear it" when you hear the whistling.
If you can't hear a melody coming from your device please refer to the section "Before Starting" to setup your phone correctly.

Congratulations! You are now ready to sing the Tutorial

First Challenge

Before getting to Sing-O-Meter you have to proof that you can sing a note - The Tutorial is already your first challenge!

Press the button in the bottom left corner and hear the note you should sing. Then try to sing it. In total you have to sing it in-tune for 5 seconds. Of course you can make breaks in between or sing wrong notes until you get it right. To hear the same tone one octave higher (female voices) press the button again. You can press it anytime if you want to hear the correct target note again.

You can do it!

Take your time when trying to get the note right. Red dots mean you sing too far of the note, green means you just got it right. We need 5 seconds of green. You can do it! Let's go!

In the top right corner you see what percentage you already mastered. Make it 100%. Perfect! When you've completed the tutorial you will unlock Sing-O-Meter. Have fun!

Sing-O-Meter - The App for singers and musicians

Once unlocked, Sing-O-Meter offers you many exercises and challenges. Try them to see how good you sing in tune and for your daily practice. Track your improvements over time and how your perception of pitch gets better after every use of Sing-O-Meter.

Do you think the app needs improvement? Tell us about it!
Do you think Sing-O-Meter is already great? Please spread the word and tell others about it!

La la laaaaa la laaaaaaaa

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