for Sing-O-Meter

When I sing the screen / detection jumps up and down rapidly

Are you in a noisy environment? Wind, running machines like dish washers or someone speaking can make it impossible to detect your performance. Please make sure you use Sing-O-Meter in a quiet environment and try again.

Detection doesn't work on my device

When you press the record button the app waits until some loud signal (like your singing voice) is detected. When ”recording..." is active, you start to sing and there is nothing happening on the screen please check the following:
- is a headphone connected that blocks the microphone
- is the mic not working?

When I press record Sing-O-Meter immediately detects something

When the app shows activity when "recording..." before you start singing there is probably some other noise detected. Please make sure you use Sing-O-Meter in a quiet environment and don't speak while recording ;-)

How to sing right?

When Sing-O-Meter shows red detections you should try to sing higher OR lower to reach the correct note. Don't hesitate to try again until you get it right. Sometimes it's necessary to sing much higher and lower. Don't worry! You will learn to control the pitch of your voice on the way. In a few days you'll notice that it's already much easier to sing the tone you heard from the app. If it's difficult for you be patient and take it as your first learning ... no need to get everything right on day 1
More info on how to learn singing and improve quickly will follow soon ... but with a daily Sing-O-Meter session you are already on a good path ;-)

I can't hear anything from the app? How should I know which note I need to sing?

Make sure you turn up the volume of your device and that it isn't muted (iPhone/iPad: silent mode has to be off -> activate Ring Mode)